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Shopping and Living in Midtown, Houston

Moving can be expensive. Between signing a new lease, renting a moving truck, and dining every night at a restaurant because you haven’t had time to visit the grocery store, things really start to add up. Unfortunately, one expense most people fail to remember is shopping. So to minimize the hassle, we’ve assembled the following list of things you may have overlooked.


Traveling from one region of the country to another will occasionally entail a wardrobe change. Living in Texas is nothing like living in New York. The climate and the weather – and some may even say the people – are a bit more hospitable. So you may need to replace those winter jackets and leg warmers with some tank tops and sundresses. Rest assured, however, that are plenty of options when it comes to shopping in Midtown, Houston.

Trendy yet affordable attire for women of all ages can be found at Em and Lee Boutique on Amherst Street, a once small business that now boasts 10 locations statewide. Less than a mile away, R. Rose Clothier at 919 Milam features an array of custom menswear, including shirts, ties, and suits from small and unique vendors. For more familiar options, local residents head to The Shops at Houston Center, which hosts numerous well-known brands and storefronts.


Moving to a different area often goes hand in hand with looking for fresh furniture. Maybe your old couch or table is too big for the new space. Or maybe your previous apartment was furnished and you never owned a couch or table at all. Whatever the reason, there are several furniture stores in Midtown that offer a solution.

Take High Fashion Home, for example. Carrying everything from couches and beds to dining sets and drapes, this Travis Street showroom has everything you will need to transform your apartment into a warm and welcoming home. If you are on a strict budget, the local Sears department store, on the corner of Main Street and Wheeler Ave, presents another option.


Looking for a way to add some pizazz to your new place? That’s understandable. Nobody wants to live in a space with blank walls. In fact, many people feel that ornamental decorations and accessories are the most critical components when assembling a new home. Luckily, art, knick-knacks, and other forms of interior décor are easy to find in Houston.

As the owners of GreenCare will attest, decorating with a plant or two is always a good idea. Ostrich Ferns, Butterfly Palms, and Barbados Lily not only look good in your home, they also rid the air of indoor pollution. Don’t have a green thumb? Something exotic from My Flaming Heart may be more up your alley. While primarily a clothing store, this Main Street Boutique also carries an assortment of Mexican folk art and antique oddities from around the globe. If neither of these options work, it’s always possible to contact an interior designer, like Gindesigns, to help you develop new ideas that are customized to fit your needs and personality.

Living in Midtown, Houston

Clearly there are a lot of shopping options in this particular region of Houston. But don’t be fooled! This list does not even come close to addressing the many other things to do in Midtown. Remember to stop by this site in the future for more information on Midtown Houston living.