Posted in: Living Posted on: Jun 8th, 2015

Give Back to Your Community with These 4 Volunteer Opportunities in Houston

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and promote causes in which you believe. Along with helping a good cause, you’ll also get to meet new people and make connections with those in your area, which can be particularly helpful when you’re new in town. If you are interested in volunteering in Midtown, Houston, there are a number of local and national agencies who are always looking for assistance.

Red Cross

More than one million people volunteer with the Red Cross in the United States — and you could soon be one of them. The Greater Houston Area Chapter of the Red Cross has opportunities for both adult and youth volunteers. Opportunities range from being part of a disaster response team to providing community education services. For example, you can volunteer to teach community organizations basic first aid and CPR, or you can undergo training and become a volunteer who responds right away during an emergency or disaster.

US Vets

The Houston branch of US Vets, which includes a location in Midtown, serves more than 300 veterans in the area every day. Founded in 1998, the organization provides housing and job training programs to homeless vets. Some services tailored to the specific needs of veterans provide support to single parent families, while others take care of people returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. People interested in volunteering with the Houston chapter of US Vets can fill out an application online.

Houston Arts Showcase

An arts organization created by artists, for artists, Houston Arts Showcase provides monetary compensation to artists, helps artists become more recognized, and aims to help people better appreciate art. Volunteers can provide assistance to the organization at its various events throughout the year. The showcase also seeks volunteers who can provide marketing support, such as an online marketing coordinator and an events coordinator.

Friends for Life Animal Shelter

The goal of Friends for Life animal shelter is to save the lives of animals. The shelter was founded as an alternative to other animal facilities in the Houston area. As a no-kill shelter, its mission is to find homes for every pet brought to its doorstep. There are several ways you can help out at Friends for Life. For example, you can volunteer to work directly with the animals by playing with them or cleaning their cages. If you love animals, but prefer to work with people, you can volunteer as an adoption counselor, which requires you to screen all pet adoption applicants. Be aware, however, that becoming an adoption counselor with the shelter requires a bit more training and dedication. Before you can become a counselor, you’ll need to volunteer as an animal care provider. You can also help the shelter out by volunteering to work at its adoption events.

There are many other organizations in the Midtown area that are looking for volunteers. If you  have a particular nonprofit that you are interested in working with, get in touch with them to see if they have opportunities for volunteering. Some organizations need assistance at all times, while others only need volunteers during special events.