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What to Know When Moving to Midtown, Houston

Photo Credit: Relocation by Book Glutton | CC BY 2.0

Planning a move first requires you to iron out details that you may not have thought of previously. Whether you are moving to a nearby city or another state, preparation can make all the difference in avoiding common setbacks and headaches. If you are moving to Midtown Houston, keep these specific tips in mind.

Choosing a Location

It should be obvious that picking the location of your new home is the first step in the moving process. Each neighborhood in Houston is different, and you want to be sure that the neighborhood you choose fits your needs. The Midtown area is known for its proximity to local businesses, parks, and artistic venues, and is perfect for young professionals who like to balance their work with a bit of fun.

Moving and Unloading

The next step in the moving process is readying your resources. You can work with professional services in the area, such as Houston Movers, to assist with the heavy lifting. But while unloading and bringing furniture into your home is an essential part of the process, there’s still a ton of work to be done once the movers leave. Returning your rental truck, for example, is often overlooked, and driving two hours away to drop off a truck is the last thing you want to do after a full day of lifting heavy furniture. Fortunately for those renting in Midtown, a local UHaul center can be found on nearby Louisiana Street.

Organizing and Unpacking

Once all of your belongings are inside and you have returned the truck, it’s time to organize the layout of your new apartment. Start by making sure that you’ve stacked boxes, totes, and any other miscellaneous or smaller items against a wall – or maybe even place them in a separate room – so that you do not trip on them while moving mattresses, couches, and dressers. Then, once you have the larger items where you want them, you can start unpacking the smaller items, kitchenware, bed sheets, and clothing.

Establishing Utilities

Depending on where you are living, you will have a number of utilities-related tasks to go through upon settling in. Some of these tasks, such as calling your electricity, cable, and internet providers to establish new accounts, will be required by everyone. Others, such as signing up for waste disposal, water, and sewer services will vary according to the terms of your lease. Be sure to check your lease for any specific information and requirements. If you’re making your new home at Ashton on West Dallas, feel free to contact us for any questions you might have about establishing utilities in your new apartment.

Adding Personality

Once you are settled in, you can enhance your new home by making cosmetic upgrades. If your landlord or property manager allows it, consider adding a little bit of personality to your walls by painting them a new color or adding a few floating shelves for pictures. The nearby Home Depot on Westheimer Road will have all you need for such tasks. Although small, these personal touches will make your apartment a lot more comfortable.

We hope you found these moving tips useful. For more information about living in Midtown, Houston, remember to check out other pages of this site in the future.