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Things to Do in Midtown Houston: Unique Entertainment & Annual Events

If you’re living in Midtown, Houston and you’re searching for new, exciting things to do, there are several recurring and annual events in which you can take part. From time-honored traditions to group gatherings among residents, there’s something new to experience on a regular basis. Below, we have compiled a guide of the most popular regional events for each season.

International Events

Houston is home to people of many different cultural backgrounds, and several international festivals are held each year to celebrate the diverse heritage of the city. Every April, the Japan Festival is held in Hermann Park’s Japanese Gardens and draws in more than 20,000 patrons. In May, the Caribbean Heritage Month Festival is an even more popular event, and in September, visitors can attend the Fiestas Patrias, which honors Mexico’s independence from Spain. October is the month in which Italian, Turkish, and Greek festivals are held. And in December the Fiesta Guadalupana, which celebrates residents of Mexican and Latin American heritage, is one of the most anticipated things to do in Midtown.


Houston is an ideal location for parades. With its fairly dry climate and hospitable temperatures, countless residents take advantage of the smaller street parades that happen each year in the city. Additionally, several larger parades are held annually, including the Houston Pride Parade in the last week of June and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade, held on the third Monday of each January. Combined, both parades attract more than 500,000 spectators and participants. In May, the Art Car Parade brings more than 250,000 visitors and is known for displaying strange, exotic, and eccentric floats.

Seasonal Festivities

Each season, there a variety of Midtown events in which residents often take part. For example, in the spring, residents can enjoy the Azalea Festival, an annual event that attracts visitors wishing to meander through the Bayou Bend’s blooming gardens. When summer comes, a spectacular Fourth of July celebration is held at Eleanor Tinsleay Park, complete with an incredible fireworks display. And during the holiday season, choirs, plays, and light shows abound all over town.


You know the phrase, “Everything is bigger in Texas?” Well, that certainly applies to the appetite, and Midtown – and Houston in general – are home to three barbecue cook-offs that take place throughout the year. The first, World Championship BBQ Contests is held on the fourth weekend of February and is separated into pork, chicken, brisket, and ribs. The other two events include the Houston Beer Festival, with its separate barbecue cook-off event, and the Houston Barbecue Festival.

It goes without saying that Midtown and the greater Houston area are ideal locations for individuals searching for new and exciting events to visit. But there is much more to this city than weekend events. Check out other pages of this site to explore what the area has to offer in terms of culture, dining and nightlife, and outdoor recreation.