Posted in: Dining Posted on: Jul 9th, 2015

Our Top 5 List of the Region’s Best Breakfast Destinations

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Nightclubs and bars may be what make Midtown famous. However, there is no shortage of excellent brunch and breakfast spots in this lively section of Houston. Midtown’s reputation as the place to go to get drinks with friends or to dance the night away also makes it a convenient place to grab a comforting and delicious breakfast. Here are the top five breakfast and brunch restaurants in Midtown, Houston.

#5: The Breakfast Klub

It’s not uncommon to find a line going out the door at The Breakfast Klub. But if you don’t mind a busy atmosphere while eating your favorite breakfast dishes, then this soul food restaurant is the perfect early morning eatery. Be forewarned, however, that you will have to watch delicious and unattainable food piling on plates from the outside the restaurant’s doors, as 90 minute waits are somewhat typical.

#4: Cook & Collins

The atmosphere of Cook & Collins can feel a bit young and hectic. However, the food served is mouth-wateringly sweet. Try the massive cinnamon roll with bacon icing to share, and follow it with one of the restaurant’s more interesting fairs, such as the root beer glazed pork that comes paired with a blackberry muffin and mac and cheese. If you stayed out late the night before, don’t hesitate to try Tito’s Bloody Mary for a morning pick-me-up.

#3: Sparrow Bar + Cook Shop

Head to the Sparrow Bar + Cook Shop for a more laidback and casual breakfast menu. You can create the perfect dish by building your breakfast from a selection of sides and entrées. But the head chef, Monica Pope, is famous for providing her customers with exemplary seasonal and farm-fresh entrées. Try the eggs en cocotte with house-made scones for a classic French meal. You could also break your diet with the gravy and sausage smothered buttermilk biscuits, topped with eggs.

#2: Harry’s Restaurant

Harry’s Restaurant never disappoints, especially for a bright morning meal. Locals who want to indulge in down-home dishes frequent this cafeteria-like setup. Try your hand at the Greek omelets, or go the traditional route with French toast, bacon, and eggs. Harry’s is also a great place to go if you want tasty lunch fares like burgers, meatloaf, and fried chicken.

#1: Brennan’s of Houston

Classy brunch attendees dearly missed Brennan’s of Houston when it burned down during Hurricane Ike. Fortunately, the fine-brunch-dining establishment is back and better than ever. This Creole and Southern restaurant promises the best brunch in Midtown, specializing in buttery and rich dishes that may not fit your diet plan but are worth every last calorie. Try their famous sherry-laced turtle soup or shrimp remoulade as an appetizer, then move on to their creamed spinach and artichoke eggs Sardou for the perfect breakfast. If you want a Mimosa or Bloody Mary with your meal, then the newly opened Courtyard Bar will cater to your needs.