Posted in: Dining Posted on: Nov 11th, 2015

4 Budget-Friendly Dining Options in Midtown

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Midtown Houston is an urban community nestled in the center of the city. Many choose to call Midtown their home because of its convenience of services and amenities. However, the variety of affordable dining establishments all located within the neighborhood does not hurt either. Here’s a look at some budget-friendly restaurants in Midtown that will delight your taste buds and please your wallet.

Home-Style Cooking: Lankford Grocery

Lankford Grocery is established in a historic house that was once the town grocery store. You’ll find it to be extremely kitschy, warped hardwood and unmatched furniture included. However, nothing beats the fantastic burgers served here, which are extremely juicy and fresh. Lankford starts out with a hand-made patty and grills it to order with crisp lettuce, white onions, and tomato, all served on a well-toasted bun. You can also order a range of no-frills sandwiches and other specials, like the chicken-fried steak and biscuits and gravy. No matter what your order, you’ll leave with a full belly and a happy heart.

Comfort Food: Baby Barnaby's

Baby Barnaby’s serves American comfort food that is incredibly scrumptious. You will not find any greasy foods here, as Barnaby’s ensures that all of their meals are fresh and cooked to order. Upon entering the door, you’ll be greeted by nothing but smiles and incredibly friendly service. Try their green eggs for a real treat. You’ll find the portions are big, and the prices are extremely reasonable. It is the perfect spot to head to for a lively weekend breakfast.

Vietnamese Fare: Café TH

Café TH is your go-to Vietnamese restaurant that serves amazing Bahn Mi sandwiches, as well as mouthwatering spring rolls, vermicelli, and comforting bowls of pho. Try their Heart Throb Bahn Mi served with double pork, two eggs, chicken, and bacon for a meat-lovers treat. Additionally, their rice vermicelli bowls are scrumptious and served with egg rolls and grilled chicken. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, then you’ll still find delight in the vegan options such as the vegan curry. Café TH is the place to go if you want Vietnamese food served with wholesome and fresh ingredients.

Small Plates and Late Night Dining: Anvil Bar & Refuge

Anvil Bar & Refuge is an extremely affordable late night dining and drink option. You can find classic cocktails such as the Sazarac, Dark Stormy, and Gin Fizz, all of which are expertly crafted. You also have your choice of small plates to snack on. If you want to grab a few drinks with some friends without breaking your budget, then Anvil will deliver. Try their Pimm’s Cup with muddled cucumber, as it is unexpectedly refreshing. The small plates include fresh-cracked bread and assorted cheeses made from Houston Dairymaids.