Posted in: Entertainment Posted on: Apr 29th, 2016

3 Entertaining Things to Do in Midtown

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If you are new to Midtown, a great way for you to become better acquainted with your surroundings is to explore what residents do for fun. There are many things to do in Midtown, Houston that can keep you engaged in your community and ensure you have a good time. Regardless of your age or marital status, you should easily be able to find a wide variety of activities that can keep you busy. There is also something to do in town for all interest groups, whether you enjoy being active or visiting local attractions. Being out and about in town is also a great way to meet people and make new friends and connections. Feel free to use this guide as you begin learning about the top activities in Midtown.

On the Water

With its close proximity to the Gulf Coast, a significant part in the development of Houston has been the ocean. Appreciate the natural beauty of the sea with a boat tour provided by the Port of Houston Authority. The tours last 90 minutes and passengers are treated to a complete view of the Houston Ship Channel. The touring vessel, the M/V Sam Houston, measures 95 feet in length and 24 feet at its greatest width. It can accommodate up to 100 passengers per voyage. You are treated to the natural views of the water, along with seeing international cargo vessels coming to and from the Port of Houston. Reservations are required in advance for the tours.

Outdoor Entertainment

When you are looking for a chance to spend time outside, why not catch a show at the same time? The Miller Outdoor Theatre is the top outdoor entertainment destination for residents living in Midtown, Houston. Located in Hermann Park, the Theatre has provided high caliber entertainment for almost 95 years! You can catch a wide variety of top rated cultural and educational acts at the Miller Outdoor Theatre, and the events are always free! The theatre offers seating for 1,705 patrons, plus 20 wheelchair spaces. They also have an open lawn space that can accommodate up to an additional 4,500 patrons with blankets and/or lawn chairs.

Time for Wine

You might be a wine connoisseur, or perhaps you are simply looking for a new and fun activity to do with your friends. Either way, you should be able to plan an enjoyable outing by visiting 13 celsius, Midtown’s most popular European wine bar & cafe. Named for the precise temperature needed to store their wine wares, 13 celsius is located in a Mediterranean-style building that was constructed in the 1920’s. The staff behind the wine bar is devoted to serving an incredible selection of wines by the taste, half glass, glass, or bottle, to ensure you have the chance to try all of the wines you like. Their small plate menu items are crafted to pair perfectly with your wine selections for the day, and your server is always prepared to provide recommendations on which choices are right for you.

If you are new to living in Midtown, Houston, it will not take long for you to realize that there is always something to do in the neighborhood. Which of these attractions will you visit first?