Posted in: Shopping Posted on: Jun 1st, 2016

From Freshly Baked Breads to Premium Meats, Midtown’s Specialty Markets Have It All

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Not everyone considers proximity to grocery stores when they’re looking to move into a new neighborhood, but if you appreciate fresh food, it’s an important piece of the puzzle. Maybe you’re looking for grocery stores that can offer all of the items you need in one place, or maybe you’re more interested in specialty shops with a curated selection of culinary items. You may also need merchants nearby that cater to consumers with food sensitivities or allergies. Fortunately, the Midtown community is home to an exciting variety of grocery stores and shops that provide whatever you need for your family. Take a look at this list of popular Midtown shops and decide which ones you’ll visit first!

Fresh Baked

When you need a cake for a special occasion, you want to make sure you’re picking it up at the best bakery in town. The top choice in Midtown for cakes is Acadian Bakers, owned by Sandra Jean Bubbert. Known as the “Baker to the Stars,” Bubbert has baked delicious items for countless celebrities and dignitaries, including President Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. She has also been baking for Midtown residents at her Acadian Bakers shop for almost 40 years. You might feel like one of Bubbert’s celebrity clients, though, when you see the array of lavish confections she and her team can craft for you.

Go Healthy

Eating well isn’t just about losing weight. Opting for healthier food choices can actually decrease your risk of certain diseases and improve your daily life. That’s why Midtown grocery stores are adapting to accommodate various healthy diets. If you find yourself having a hard time locating products that are gluten-free, vegan, or dairy-free, perhaps you should visit Sprouts Farmers Market on West Dallas Street. The food experts behind Sprouts are devoted to stocking their shelves with high-quality products that support your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They also work very hard to offer these products at affordable prices, so that you can feed your whole family the best products available without going over your budget.

Nice to “Meat” You

When you need to be sure that you’re buying the best cuts of meat available, visiting a butcher is a good place to start. Stop by Bud’s House of Meat on Cullen Boulevard for the highest quality selection of meats. Bud’s popular sausages are smoked on the premises, so you know they will be as fresh and delicious as possible. The staffer that helps you at Bud’s House of Meat will always be more than happy to provide free samples and help you find the exact cut of meat you’re seeking. If you get hungry somewhere along the way, grab a sandwich or takeout meal from Bud’s BBQ To Go. The meat experts at Bud’s House of Meat are confident they can offer the best cuts of meat at the lowest prices.

When you shop at Midtown Houston grocery stores and locally owned specialty shops, you should always be able to find the exact items you’re looking for. Which of these stores will you be visiting first?