Posted in: Dining Posted on: Jul 15th, 2016

Which Restaurant Has the Best Brunch in Houston? Here Are Some Contenders.

Photo Credit: Public Domain

You wake up Sunday morning (or — let’s face it — afternoon) after a super fun night with your friends. What’s the first thing that you, and everyone else is thinking about? Brunch. Obviously. And Houston is the perfect place for brunch, especially with all of the Southern and Creole influences. What’s more classic than chicken and waffles? So, if you’re looking for the best brunch in Houston, TX, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three really delicious, tried-and-true brunch spots that’ll have you coming back every weekend.

Baby Barnaby’s

Baby Barnaby’s is an intimate, quirky outpost of a local chain that serves classic American diner eats at a very affordable price. Everything you can order is under $10. Though small, the ambiance is cozy and the design is quite cute and minimal. All the ingredients that the chefs use are high quality and fresh. If you’re trying to think of a spot to bring visiting family and friends, this is the place — it’s one of the most beloved spots for breakfast and brunch in the Houston area. Make sure you get your name on the list early and be prepared to wait because it can get busy. Luckily, the Baby Barnaby’s offers free coffee for everyone who’s waiting.

Brennan’s of Houston

If you’re looking for a fancy brunch spot for a super fancy occasion, Brennan’s of Houston is the place. Brennan’s is where you go to treat yourself to a three-course Texas Creole meal — and do they do it well. The infamous starter is the sherry-laced turtle soup, something you’re not going to find anywhere else. After that, try the classic eggs benedict, or be a little wild and try the highly rated cream of spinach and artichoke-laced eggs. Or, if you’re looking for something sweeter, try the Texas Peaches and Cream Pain Perdu, which has applewood smoked ham, granola, cream cheese whip, and rum cane sugar all with fresh peaches. End this three-course meal with the bananas foster, which is flambeed tableside. Keep an eye out for specials, too, like 25-cent mimosas and Bloody Marys. Brennan’s of Houston promises a traditional Southern meal with a twist, and you can’t go wrong with that.

The Breakfast Klub

The Breakfast Klub might not sell sell alcohol, which many people see as a staple at brunch, but don’t let that turn you away. This breakfast place makes up for it in its real, old fashioned, Southern cooking. If there’s a line out the door, you know it’s going to be good, and this place is worth the wait. Start off by grabbing a supersize mug at the counter, then filling it up with a selection of brews while waiting for your breakfast. The wings and waffles are truly a classic, but this place is best known for its crispy fried catfish and grits. Regulars report that the service here is friendly and swift, making your experience a pleasant one.

Brunch options don’t stop here! Check out the other amazing places around town and see what you’ve been missing. Which eatery do you think has the best brunch in Houston?