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Expand Your List of Contacts By Checking Out These Networking Opportunities in Houston

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Networking is considered by many experts to be a necessary skill for success in your chosen career. The practice of regularly venturing out and meeting fellow professionals is essential for making contacts, meeting new clients and finding new employment opportunities. It’s important to make the time to network and expand your list of contacts — these are the people who could help you climb the ladder of your career and open doors that would’ve otherwise been shut. In addition to being active on LinkedIn, getting face time with other professionals is worth your time. Fortunately, there are several local organizations that are great for networking in Midtown, Houston. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular networking groups in town.

Eliminate the Competition

While it can be beneficial for you and your colleagues to be in the same networking groups, there’s also a lot to be said about being the sole representative in your industry. Some organizations are designed to cut out the competitive vibe in their groups, like Midtown Business Network. This locally-centric organization only allows one representative from each industry to join, which can give you opportunities to network that you wouldn’t normally have. The Midtown Business Network has an application process, membership fee, and it meets weekly, so it’s a bit of a commitment, but you’re likely to find it’s worth it.

Get Social

A popular method for networking in Midtown, Houston is to head out after work and make the effort to be social. Meeting new people in social situations can be daunting, but it’s a helpful way to become acquainted with like-minded professionals in a relaxed atmosphere. Organizations like Houston After Work are available to help you begin bridging connections in your own city. They organize fun happy hours and social events that are intended to help you practice your networking skills and meet people that share your interests. The events are held at different locations throughout the area, so it is also a fun way to learn about the most popular social spots in your neighborhood, especially if you are new to the area. See the schedule on their website for information on the next hangout.

Commitment to Community

Of course, not every networking venture needs to be a happy hour or business card exchange. You can also take an opportunity to work with your fellow community members to improve the city you live in. The Rotary Club of Houston has been available to unite Houston professionals in the common interest of improving life for residents of their community since 1912. They support a number of noble causes, including literacy and education, cancer research and helping at-risk children. Joining this organization is an effective way to connect with new colleagues that share your passion to serving the community of Houston, which can certainly help you form a full and healthy network.

If you are new to the Houston area, you will soon come to see that there are many resources available to help you begin your professional network. Which of these organizations do you plan to check out first?